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Do you want to increase the value of your properties by between 14% and 38%* by adding energy saving systems rather than traditional forms of heating and ventilation? Do purchasers prefer to be surrounded by clean, sustainable fresh air? Developers such as Octagon, Linden and Charles Church certainly think so and we hope you too would agree.


Why not add some practical sparkle to your specification? Here are some of the benefits your company could profit from, by investing in our appliances for your projects:

  • surpass Part L of the current Building Regulations
  • efficient heating with reduced impact on environment
  • efficient heating of hot water
  • provision of all the home's heating requirements if you specify good insulation and airtightness,
  • Passivhaus certification which is your guarantee of quality.
  • great for off-gas properties

If our appliances are simple to specify, think how they would add considerable appeal to your homes, whether an urban apartment or a rural mansion. They provide a relatively low-cost route to a superior living environment and directly result in energy savings, making your developments more sustainable and attractive to the critical demand for low carbon emissions. They can also contribute towards any "renewables" requirements your site may have.

We appreciate that it may be difficult to make an informed decision about a system that you have perhaps only seen on our website or in our brochure. If this is the case, we will be pleased to spend time going through:

  • how our systems work
  • their suitability for your house type
  • the benefits to your purchasers
  • the benefits to you
  • the design considerations in having such a system.


Why not contact us to arrange a visit to our show rooms here in Moreton in Marsh, or at the National Selfbuild & Renovation Centre in Swindon J16 off the M4 where all our products are on show. Or we can meet you on site at one of your current projects? Alternatively, send us a set of floorplans of all your house-types and we can complete a quote and room-by-room heat loss and heating appraisal.

* Department of Energy And Climate