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which Samsung air source heat pump?

A bigger home needs a bigger heat pump, but the type of home you have will also factor in the sizing calculation. Each home is different; the fabric make-up and individual room-by-room energy requirement which will impact on the air source heat pump sizing for your property. On average, most UK homes can be adequately heated by a heat pump between 4-12kW in output.

To know what size heat pump is suitable, a room-by-room heat loss and heating appraisal can be completed to establish if this system will be suitable for you and your home.

This takes about a day to do and costs about £300 + VAT depending on the size of the property, but this fee would get taken off the cost of any heating system that you may purchase from us.  You don‘t have to purchase a heating solution from us but the Room-By-Room Heat Loss & Heating Appraisal is a useful tool to help you find the right heating solution for you and your home, from us or elsewhere.

For more specification information, click on this PDF document for more details. Or for more information on what information you need to give us to complete a quote or heat loss report, please call 0345 260 0123