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what are the benefits of a Samsung air source heat pump?

SAVE money on running costs

Samsung's EHS can reduce your running costs by up to 30% compared to a standard gas boiler system due to its exceptional efficiency. It is 350% efficient ie you put 1kW of electricity in, you could receive 3.5kW of energy out!. Gas, the highest performing fossil fuel, compares poorly at only 93% efficiency - ie you put 1kW of energy in and you'll only get 0.9kW of energy out!

HIGH seasonal COP

Samsung EHS has proven it optimises heating performances at the temperature of -2 degrees C to 2 degrees C, providing an outstanding SCOP in compliance with eco-design directives.

FEWER COemissions

Samsung EHS Mono has substantially reduced CO emissions compared to conventional boiler systems due to high efficiency heat pump technology.

MONEY back with the RHI

The Samsung air source heat pump is eligible for the 10.85p/kWh (as of 01/07/20) produced for seven years, under the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). This is a government financial incentive to promote the use of renewable heat. Click Here for more information!

NO GAS in the village?

No problem! An air-source heat pump just needs air and electricity to provide all your heating needs!