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Frequently Asked Questions for Samsung Air Source Heat Pumps


We have listed some of the more frequently asked questions below regarding air-source heat pumps from Samsung.  Please browse through them.

what is COP?


It stands for Co-efficient of Performance. This is used to measure the energy efficiency of a heat pump system. For example - a COP of 3.5 indicates that for every kW of energy input to the Samsung EHS system it will deliver 3.5kW of energy output in the form of heat, which means an efficiency of 350%!

how often do I need to have maintenance servicing for my Samsung EHS system?

A yearly inspection of the installation is recommended for optimal operation and efficiency. Main inspection points will involve water pressure, control box and checking the valves. An inspection will take a couple of hours.

is it easy to add solar heating later?

Solar Panel Connection to Air Source Heat Pump

It's possible to add solar heating later, however you must choose a solar-ready model of our DHW (direct hot water) tank.

what kind of installation disruption will I face when installing the Samsung EHS?

Because the units are light and compact, this will save on installation labour time and costs. If you are replacing the heat source of existing UFH heating, you can probably use the existing connecting pipework.

what's the difference between a DHW tank and a cylinder

A cylinder is a pre-plumbed water tank unit which enables quick and easy installation of the Mono unit. It consists of a water tank, Mono control kit, circulators, two-way valves, an air vent and relief valve.

can a solar panel be attached to a cylinder

No, we provide two standard 200L and 300L line-ups for a cylinder unit. To connect a solar panel to the system, you can install a water tank and control kit separately instead of a cylinder unit.

can a Samsung EHS produce instant domestic hot water?

No, it has a storage tank for hot water, so it takes time for this to heat up - however, the temperature of the water is maintained automatically at the required temperature so you can enjoy a hot shower anytime!

can I take a hot shower and use the air conditioning at the same time?

Yes, the hot water used for your shower is stored in the DHW tank. The temperature of the water is maintained at what is required all year round.

can I install the Samsung EHS with a back-up boiler?

Yes, the back-up boiler needs to be connected to the EHS hydro unit through electrical wiring. From that moment onwards, the back-up boiler will be automatically controlled according to ambient temperature.

is it possible to heat the room of the air conditioner, whilst heating hot water?

Technically, the Samsung EHS will heat the room and hot water separately with TDM technology that switches operation. However, you will feel as if it's heating up both simultaneously!

how easy is it to install additional air conditioning after installing an EHS system?

It is fairly easy to do this. The installer will have to disconnect the existing refrigerant piping in order to be able to add the additional piping required for the new air conditioning.

what happens if I want to complain?

In the unlikely event of a complaint or dispute that is unresolved firstly with Total Home Environment, we are a member of RECC (Renewable Energy Consumer Code). RECC can mediate and adjudicate in matters relating to Air Source Heat Pumps only. Please visit the RECC website for further information.